How does the permanent team work?​

A larger permanent team… for a larger organisation! In 2021, Climate Fresk grew rapidly and we’d like it to continue!

To achieve an even greater impact this year and in the years to come: the NGO has beefed up its team of permanent staff.

More precisely, more than 20 people now work full time to promote climate education, organise and coordinate the activity of the community and be in touch with you all…. How does it work precisely?


Coordinating all this is Livio Lumbroso, our CEO. He gives the team the general direction, a little bit of challenge, and a good dose of prioritisation.

Development department

The aim? To fresk as many people as possible in organisations and education institutions. This finances most of Climate Fresk’s activities and enables us to put more and more means into climate education.

All kinds of organisations are concerned: private companies, collectivities, NGOs, universities and other higher education institutions, high-schools, etc.

Thomas Dayraud leads this department. He uses all his brainpower to structure the offer so that it is attractive to organisations and to make you want to get involved in making it happen. He coordinates two teams:

  • On the one hand, François Membré channels his energy to develop the CEKO programme (Climate Education Kiff-Off), dedicated to higher education institutions. Alongside him is Camille Bénard and her contagious enthusiasm, who focuses on the operational side of things.



  • On the other hand, Valentin Jamet deals with companies and other organisations, to help them develop Climate Fresk within their organisations. With his perpetuous good humour, he also helps professional freskers. He is seconded in these tasks by the everso lively Margaux Espine.

HR and Administration department

Everything HR-related goes through her: Chrystelle Bontemps.

Upbeat and focused, she takes care of the team’s spirit, of recruitment and HR management, but also accounting and administration. A real behind-the-scene miracle worker. Anyone who has ever dealt with the permanent team knows how effective she is.

International department

The international development team accompanies the strong development of Climate Fresk around the world. The aim? To further develop our community on all continents, support the actions of our 80 country coordinators and find new development opportunities. In short, they’re structuring the expansion of our international activities. Building on our experience in France, the team draws on best practises and innovates to meet the needs of different countries.

Paul Constantin coordinates the team. Together with Anaïs Terrien and Raja Kadi, they work on the key topics of international development, while Anaïs and Raja ensure a follow up with the country coordinators. Juliette Bonazzi provides crucial support to the international team, while ensuring online activities run smoothly.

Communications department

Her task? Keep you informed on how the NGO is doing, the changes, the next steps and the successes. She also works on increasing awareness of the Climate Fresk brand and is in contact with the media and partners.

Ingrid Pinchot, always looking out for information, shares it with the community. She looks out and generates opportunities to promote Climate Fresk on traditional and social media and through partnerships.

Product and IT department

Guillaume Plouin, the expert in chief, manages the team and oversees the global architecture and production of the IT system. Pierre Desaint-Denis, with his unfailing sense of humour, deals with the upcoming Climate Fresk App. Lastly, Maxime Couette is a beacon for the community, both as community manager and ticket master. All national ticketing and Eventbrite happens under his supervision.

New people will join the team throughout 2022!

We are currently looking for rare gems for the following roles: here

Who’s in? Don’t hesitate to share these offers around.

Climate Collage is now Climate Fresk!

We are still the same! We just changed our name ;)