100 000 Swiss Francs to develop Climate Fresk in Switzerland!

In September 2021, Ludovic Kasperski and a team of Swiss Freskers, applied for the ClimaNow Spotlight 2021 call for projects. Last December, the NGO came first and won 100,000 Swiss Francs that will help us to deploy Climate Fresk in Switzerland.

Through Spotlight, the Swiss foundation Clima Now highlights and finances initiatives fighting climate change. With the support of WWF Switzerland and One Planet Lab and each year, from 2021, the Spotlight programme pre-selects projects. This year, the first prize was 100,000 Swiss Francs to deploy the winning project.


Two voting phases were organised to designate the winning project. In the first one, thanks to the mobilisation of the community, Climate Fresk came in second position. The second phase was a Pitch Night when the 7 finalists presented their projects, with a live voting of the public and evaluations by the Clima Now jury. After a 3-hour ceremony and 7 very inspiring pitches- which you can watch here, including Ludovic’s – the winners were announced, Climate Fresk came in first place!

Many thanks to the community of freskers, who once again demonstrated their engagement, and congratulations to all the Swiss Freskers who contributed, for winning this call for projects. 

This prize from ClimaNow will help accelerate the deployment of Climate Fresk in Switzerland, with great projects and activities to come!

To be continued…

Climate Collage is now Climate Fresk!

We are still the same! We just changed our name ;)