Jérôme LHOTE

Green Belt, co-coordinator of the Hauts-de-Seine, new member of the board

With more than 170 fresks to his credit, Jérome is a serial Fresker!

He has a keen entrepreneurial spirit and  has been co-piloting the Climate Mandate since its early days. His aim is to  enable the NGO to expand further into the political world in France and in Europe. 

He has also coordinated many CEKOs, notably at Science Po in Rennes, and has, with other freskers, organised a Climate Fresk workshop specifically for the entrepreneurs taking part in the Corporate Convention for Climate (Convention des entreprises pour le Climat). 

Thanks to his network and experience, he has the opportunity to organise many Fresks in the finance sector.

In his professional life, Jérome is the founder of a crowd-acting platform on CSR/climate issues: Koom. He now spends most of his time enlightening companies and collectivities to climate change.

His specific interests: he is convinced that change should also come  from political decision-makers. That’s why he works to ensure that elected officials take climate issues into account in their actions on the ground and in the political decisions they make, both on the national and European levels.

His special touch: Always in a good mood and easy to talk to, he is solution-oriented – he never stops at a problem but always looks for a solution.

Climate Collage is now Climate Fresk!

We are still the same! We just changed our name ;)