Member of the Board since 2021

Benoรฎt is the historical head of the CEKO program. He has a blue belt and has coordinated multiple corporate deployments.

Inspired by Cyril Dion and Rob Hopkins, he will be carrying out research and a documentary project in 16 countries from spring 2022.

His ambition? To highlight new, viable and attractive models of success within cities, companies, educational models and citizen communities, in response to the challenges of global limits.

The project is called KOSMOGONIA and will last two years (he will tell us more in a few weeks).

Benoit also teaches about these issues in higher education.

โ€œClimate Fresk is an extraordinary initiative. I want to help the association continue its development so that everyone throughout the world can have access to this unique teaching method, which promotes awareness and the legitimacy to act for a desirable future.โ€

His specific interests: he wants education on ecological issues to be inclusive and accessible for all, regardless of age, background and culture. It is important to him that this adaptation respects scientific rigour and allows the development of critical thinking.

His special touch: he combines a serious approach with a quick wit! For him, this subtle mix is essential for a long-term commitment to these topics, which can sometimes make you feel dizzy.

Climate Collage is now Climate Fresk!

We are still the same! We just changed our name ;)