Valentine HARAN

New member of the Board

Valentine holds a bachelor in economics and a masters degree in sustainable development. She is just starting a second master in degrowth.

She started fresking two and a half years ago, and began to dedicate time to the association during the COP25 project in Madrid. She passed her green belt and became co-Swiss coordinator for a year. She participated in Climate Fresk’s development in the country, and enabled the Swiss community to grow from twenty to one hundred that year! She was actively involved in the COP26 project for 6 months, taking the lead of the “Event” project. She has coordinated 6 CEKOs and has occasionally facilitated professionally. She was instrumental to the deployment of Climate Fresk at EDF for 6 months alongside Pierre-Olivier Chacun. She is currently doing research on the impact of Climate Fresk in terms of behavioural change with the Montpellier Business School research chair.

She now intends to step back and bring her field experience to the board to co-construct Climate Fresk’s strategic trajectories. The issues that are close to her heart are the empowerment, autonomy and care of the freskers and coordinators.Β 

Her special touch: Her joy, creativity and passion are what drives her actions

Climate Collage is now Climate Fresk!

We are still the same! We just changed our name ;)