A Tour de France to raise awareness on a massive scale

A race of 4,612 km completed in 127 days, with more than 3,000 people sensitized along the way – this is the feat achieved by Nicolas Vandenelsken.  Let’s look back at the story of a prowess that goes far beyond its sporting aspect.

Nicolas was a project manager in the sporting event industry. He saw, first-hand, the amount of pollution generated by these events. Progressively, he started organising waste collection events at home (in the Hauts de France), then became more interested in climate issues, finally becaming a Climate Fresk facilitator. During his latest (and last) flight to New Zealand, he decided to make his commitment more tangible: “Less talk, more action”. And he has been living up to it ever since.

Sport brings people together and is, in his opinion, an excellent way to attract public attention. He has therefore leveraged these two aspects in his project: an unusual and well-publicized sporting event raising awareness around the following themes: “Sport, Planet, Health”.

At the beginning, the project was solo endeavour. But very soon he was joined by other people who were won over by his goal and his method. Together, they created the association “Uni-vert Sport”, which organises its own sporting events, supports other ones, raises awareness and carries out eco-adventures, such as this Tour de France.

Nicolas set off from Vieux-Condé (near Valenciennes in France) on August 14, 2021 to arrive back  at the same place on December 18, 127 days later. For him, the real challenge was to combine his two daily objectives: running an average of 38km while carrying out awareness-raising actions at the same time.

He organised many Fresk Quizzes and facilitated workshops relentlessly in schools, town halls, and among the general public.

At the Mont Saint Michel, for example, he held a Quiz in front of the entrance of the iconic building. A policeman came to check if he had an authorization to be posted there…which he didn’t. Thankfully, the mayor, who was just next to them, gave him his approval straight away!

This Tour de France was also a human adventure for Nicolas: meeting people during his overnight stays and awareness-raising operations, meeting with school children who drew him many pictures… Not forgetting all the people who accompanied him by bike (48 people in total!) to carry his belongings from one stage to another. Franck Charlot and Adrien Falewee were among them and introduced him to the cancoillotte, a Franche-Compté specialty! 😉

Nicolas sends his thanks to the whole community and particularly to Julie Hélin, Thomas Le Guilloux, Cédric Loy, Chloé Doisy, Franck Charlot et Adrien Falawee.

Nicolas has already planned to do it again and has set the bar even higher this time: 100 marathons in 100 days! He will start this new adventure next September. 

Don’t hesitate to contact him if you want to help him!

Climate Collage is now Climate Fresk!

We are still the same! We just changed our name ;)