The belt level is not correct

During the mid-September update, we migrated our databases to a more reliable and secure environment. More than 25,000 facilitators were transferred!

During the transfer, we observed for a few hundred people variations in the belts, in cases where we lacked information on co-optations or because the individual counter was incomplete. Good news, we can catch it up!

What if your belt level is not the right one (possible until 31/12/2022)

To catch-up my yellow 🟑 or orange 🟠 belt

Fill-in the counter catch-up to increase the number of sessions missingΒ on your counter. Your belt will automatically change when your counter reaches the belt level goal.

To catch-up my white βšͺ️ green 🟒 or blue πŸ”΅ belt

Fill-in the belt catch-up form. Be sure to indicate the email you use to log in to the facilitator login space, otherwise we won’t be able to identify you!

The update of your belt will take about 5 days, as we process your request manually.

Climate Collage is now Climate Fresk!

We are still the same! We just changed our name ;)