Delegating session organisation to someone else is now possible!

Historically, the people who organised workshops and training for the general public were green and blue belts, and the country coordinators. At that time, we used many tools to manage sign-ups, get facilitators involved, publish … This method was difficult to handle, and that’s why only a small number of people could be trained to do it.

Therefore, green and blue belts, country coordinators and local coordinators had to centralise the role of organising sessions. This situation was not sustainable because the workload was too much for these (albeit highly-motivated!) volunteers. As well as this, bottlenecks were slowing down the ability to scale-up.

Organising a session is now easy to do!

Since the 24th of September, the process to organise a public session has been simplified. Administrators simply need to assign the “Organiser” role to an account to unlock the public session creation feature. This is an important step forwards for all volunteers who want to organise public sessions!

How do I become a public session organiser or assign this role to others?

If you are interested in becoming a session organiser, contact your country coordinator. At his/her discretion, he/she will forward the request to the permanent team, who will manage the process.

If you already have an Organiser role, and you wish to delegate session organisation to someone else, because you’ve been asked to do so, and you trust this person, write to with the following message:

I am [First Name, Last Name, quick introduction].

I trust [Martin Machin] to organise public sessions. Please give him Organiser rights.

Here is his Fresker email address: [email address of person concerned].

We’ll make the change within 5 days and let you know!

I want to give organisation rights to someone else for an existing event or change contact information

This is not yet possible, but it’s in the works! Stay tuned!

Climate Collage is now Climate Fresk!

We are still the same! We just changed our name ;)