The platform is one month old!

It’s been a month since the platform’s launch! It’s time to take a look back, and then ahead!

Since launch, more than 6,800 facilitators have activated their account, and nearly 1,200 workshops and facilitator training sessions have been organised! 

And yet, our goal remains the same: to build the tools for scaling up Climate Fresk, in quantity and quality. That’s why your needs are our main concern, and what better way to grow the platform in the right direction than by directly listening to you? We’ve heard your suggestions for improvements, thanks to the support portal and mutual aid discussions, and we are now working on implementing them. We can’t thank you enough! Following these suggestions, the first new feature will be the extension of the attendance validation period to 1 week.

And because we want to keep you informed about what’s next, we’re launching a blog! On it, you can find the needs you’ve voiced to us and the thoughts they give rise to, the current developments and all the latest news. Still unsure why belt progression and counters are sometimes wrong and how to fix them? Still wondering if you can soon access the list of other registered facilitators? 

It’s also easy to find from the “Support” tab of your facilitator account. You can also join the dedicated Telegram channel to stay tuned about the platform!

This project has the full attention of the NGO’s Product Team:

  • Their course: support the growth of Climate Fresk, to reach all audiences across the world.
  • Their compass: you, your needs and your suggestions, in order to support you in your initiatives, progress and commitment with Climate Fresk!

Climate Collage is now Climate Fresk!

We are still the same! We just changed our name ;)