Climate Fresk’s positioning

One of the NGO’s strengths is its very unique positioning! Below is a summary of the various points that are important to respect and communicate so as to ensure Climate Fresk’s reputation across the world.

Because climate change is a collective problem that all of us should be paying attention to, Climate Fresk’s ambition has always been to be an educational tool accessible to as many people as possible. Raising awareness on such a large scale requires a certain degree of neutrality that must be maintained.

The NGO and workshop are based on scientific information from the IPPC reports.

Their objective is to provide the knowledge and vocabulary that can be used to discuss solutions and actions to implement in order to tackle climate change.

The NGO and workshop do not advocate for or propose solutions.

Solutions are a matter of policy and can be debated. Whatever the solutions and whatever the level at which they’re decided or applied (individuals, organisations, state, international, etc.), they depend on the awareness level of the audience. The NGO is therefore neither for nor against any one solution, but is simply pleased to see that people are engaging with the subject in an informed way!

The facilitator’s mission is to allow the expression of collective intelligence and to encourage participants to reflect on individual and collective courses of action.

The NGO is non-partisan.

It does not support any political party or have any political tendencies, nor is it attached to any activist movement.

The NGO is non-judgemental.

Indeed, passing judgement is a political matter. Therefore the NGO does not comment on what people and other organisations say or do.

Facilitators must respect this positioning in the context of Climate Fresk.

It’s by respecting these principles that Climate Fresk’s facilitators are able to raise awareness among as many people as possible from all backgrounds! 

Climate Collage is now Climate Fresk!

We are still the same! We just changed our name ;)