Meet Éliane Mathias, blue belt and long-time member of Climate Fresk

Éliane Mathias discovered the Climate Fresk workshop back in 2017, even before the non-profit was founded. She looks back on her journey and her involvement with the Fresk.

How did you come across Climate Fresk?

In 2017, I was running trainings for teachers who were interested in ‘Sustainable Development’. I looked at resources from the French education system and UNESCO, but wasn’t convinced at all. I searched high and low, and eventually stumbled upon a free two-day training for a card-based learning tool, given by someone called Cédric. That trip to Paris and back had a huge impact on me – from then on, the 42 cards never left my bag!

What does the Climate Fresk mean to you?

The Climate Fresk comes as a relief to people because the actions it sparks are based not on ideology but on science. It shines light into a dark murkiness that can otherwise slowly eat away at us. 

In 2017, it was hard to talk about climate change; reaching a million people with the workshop felt like a very distant goal! I think we should celebrate how much things have changed since then: we are both bearing witness to and taking part in this change. I am delighted to be learning and growing within this exceptional group of people – I admire all those who are working hard to scale this project. 

You’ve reflected a lot on learning, especially around the Fresker’s journey. What is your vision of learning?

The words that come to mind are: keep the faith, doubt yourself, always start with people. Know when to keep quiet to let people think and when to intervene. Have a clear distinction between instructing (‘do this, do that’) and supporting (‘what do you feel capable of doing?’). Above all, embrace difference and diversity – allow the synergies to flow!

The Fresker’s journey is wonderfully balanced in a way that only the collective intelligence of a group can bring about. I have full confidence in the values of inclusion and cooperation that underpin our teams – we will make it the best it can be!

Any last comments?

I would like to sincerely thank every single Fresker. Thanks to you, I’ve been able to take on new responsibilities as a trainer and now as an instructor, overcoming my own lethargy and doubts and facing the true scale of the challenge we are confronted by. Thanks to you, I have strived to raise awareness among those who already care and those who stumble upon the facts unwittingly. Thanks to you, I can keep believing in the improbable, whatever obstacles and setbacks come my way.

Climate Collage is now Climate Fresk!

We are still the same! We just changed our name ;)