Focus on the wonderful Mobilisation team and its director, Raja Kadi

A new team has recently emerged within the association: the Mobilisation team! Its role? To support Freskers in their voluntary commitment.

As we announced during the live broadcast, Climate Fresk is now taking on a new challenge: to reach the goal of one million facilitators. This objective is part of our ambition to deploy the workshop throughout the world. To achieve this, the association can rely on a community of more than 48,000 Freskers, including almost 10,000 outside of France. And these figures are constantly increasing!

To be accompanied, this ever-expanding crowd of facilitators can rely on the Mobilisation team! It has come to being after the merger of the squad in charge of supporting volunteers in France with the one caring for the international community, and it aims to unleash the potential of the community. To do so, it has three objectives:

  1. Accompany, listen to and support Freskers in their volunteer commitment ; special attention is given to our main ambassadors: our country and local coordinators, who are more than 300 around the world!
  2. Facilitate the action of Freskers. To do this, the team works to provide resources, such as card games, equipment… but also to help facilitators improve their skills by accompanying them through the Fresker journey and its belt progression system.
  3. Bring more clarity to the association’s operating rules, particularly by developing frameworks within which any Fresker can take initiatives and be autonomous!

Formerly International Development Manager at Climate Fresk, Raja Kadi took over as Director of this squad in March. She now coordinates her team’s energies in the service of the facilitators, with her main priorities being to ensure greater transparency, create connections, take care of Freskers and make this group an active and happy community!

Climate Collage is now Climate Fresk!

We are still the same! We just changed our name ;)