Operation Earth Week 2.0 for Climate Fresk

During the last week of April, Freskers from all over the world rallied around the Earth Week operation, making it a great success!

On April 22nd, the 53rd edition of Earth Day took place. Climate Fresk participated in this worldwide event aiming to raise awareness and to trigger the moving into action on environmental issues!ย 

In 2022, the first edition of our โ€˜Earth Weekโ€™ initiative built around this eventย gathered a large number of participants from 20 different countries. Inspired by this great accomplishment, the association launched this year its โ€˜Earth Week 2.0โ€™ operation. We aimed to use the mobilising power and visibility of this international eventย to organise workshops and training sessions all over the world, trying to reach as many participants as possible between 17 and 23 April. Special attention was given to white belt facilitators, with the ambition to help those newly trained to daringly take their first steps.

And the operation turned out to be a success! We count more than 650 participants to 40 workshops and training courses, in more than 20 different countries! These results are extremely positive, and we thank all the facilitators and coordinators that participated in the operation.

Among all the events organised, some were extra-special. How can we not mention the giant workshop organised for 400 people in Toulouse, France, or the joint sessions that gathered more than 100 participants in three cities of China? Earth Day was also an opportunity to share moments within the community, to meet with other Freskers and with other organisations that share similar objectives.ย 

We warmly thank and congratulate all those invested in making this operation a success that we hope to repeat next year!

Climate Collage is now Climate Fresk!

We are still the same! We just changed our name ;)