Workshops on the facilitator’s space open to everyone

The Products team is fully committed to helping you focus on what matters the most: running Fresks with as many people as possible! How? By making the organisation of workshops on the facilitator’s space easier.

The latest main improvement takes the shape of new fields in the session creation form. It starts with the one that allows you to choose the audience for your session: your circle, people from the education sector, public authorities, businesses… Thus, each Fresker can now organise their workshops on the facilitator’s space: all kinds of sessions (except those for the general public) can now be set up on the website before they take place. 

Only the organisation of general public sessions, which are visible on the association’s website, remains reserved for green belts, blue belts, coordinators, and those to whom they have delegated their rights.

Moreover, thanks to the “There will be other facilitators”, and subsequent “Show in opportunities” tick boxes, the organiser can also set the number of places for other Freskers to Observe, Co-facilitate or Facilitate Alone during the session, and choose whether or not to display their session in the ‘Opportunities’ section so that other facilitators can register. It’s all up to you!

Thanks to these changes, we hope to save you a lot of time by simplifying the invitation of participants, their counting, and the mobilisation of other facilitators.

If you need a detailed tutorial on how to create an upcoming session, please refer to this support page. It’s also the place to go if you have any questions or suggestions for improvement!

Climate Collage is now Climate Fresk!

We are still the same! We just changed our name ;)