The permanent teamโ€™s great migration!

Since the association's early days, the permanent team in France was housed at Engage City, a structure hosting several associations. With the staffโ€™s continuous growth, the office became smaller every month... so it was time for us to move!

It was in the basement of Engage City that the foundations of the association were laid. Four years later, despite numerous attempts to push back the walls of our office with each new arrival in the permanent team, it was decided that it was more than necessary to find a new home.

Thus, June was marked by our move to a new building! It was an important change for us, and especially for the older members of the team who have experienced the exponential growth of the association within Engage City.ย 

Yet we didnโ€™t go very far! We said goodbye to the south of Paris, and hello to an even more central area of the city. We’re now delighted to be able to gather in new premises that have enough chairs to accommodate all the staff members, including those abroad when they visit … and the members of the community too! Indeed, our ambition is clear: this office must become a place for both the permanent team and Freskers to meet and share and, at the same time, be a spot where workshops and training sessions can take place.

Climate Collage is now Climate Fresk!

We are still the same! We just changed our name ;)