Spotlight on a Fresker: Paul Coquard

Meet Paul Coquard, a local coordinator for Corsica. We asked him what the Fresk looks like on this beautiful Mediterranean island!

The first public Climate Fresk (with registration on the website) to be held in Corsica in September 2022

How and when did you join Climate Fresk?

I completed my facilitation training in August 2020, but I truly became a Fresker in June 2021 when I ran my first Fresk at my office in Corsica (French island). I thought it would be logical that the employees at the Ministry for Ecological Transition should be trained in climate issues. I organised departmental training sessions, which didnโ€™t even exist at the regional level in Corsica. After that, I started organising Fresks at local universities with Rachel (my fellow coordinator in Corsica) and we gradually started to build the local fresking community. The coordinator for Marseille, Marie, helped us formalise our community in September 2022 and we officially became coordinators for Corsica!

What does a typical Fresk look like in Corsica?

I imagine it looks similar to a Fresk anywhere else, but with a few local features:

  • Our electricity is much more carbon-intensive than in mainland France (40% powered by two oil-fired power stations), so of course we need to calculate our carbon footprints on a regional basis;
  • Almost everything we buy is imported (95%), so we try to ration post-its during the debrief.ย 
  • We have lots of tourists visiting – we could easily run Fresks on the nearly 6-hour ferry ride to and from the mainland!
  • Our magnificent landscapes make a beautiful backdrop for a workshop!

What has been your best moment as a Fresker?

I ran a Fresk recently where half the participants were unconcerned about climate issues – they thought climate change was something we are guilt-tripped with but isnโ€™t Franceโ€™s problem to solve. By the end of the most enriching debrief Iโ€™ve ever done, everyone agreed that a big societal shift was needed and that ecological change had to be part of it. I learned a lot myself in that debrief.

Is there anything youโ€™d like to add?

Weโ€™re in touch with the Corsican regional authorities about an internal roll out of the Fresk with all their staff and a translation of the workshop into the local language. We hope youโ€™ll hear more about Fresking successes on the island soon!

Climate Collage is now Climate Fresk!

We are still the same! We just changed our name ;)