Climate Fresk at COP27

Climate education, for all.

In order to take action and build solutions, we first need to understand the problem.

In Sharm el-Sheikh during COP27, get to know the 3-hour workshop that teaches the fundamental science behind climate change and empowers people and communities to take action.


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Participate in a Climate Fresk workshop

Climate Fresk is a very powerful tool for providing a quality climate education that can be scaled quickly within an organisation or community. Discover our 3-hour workshop!

Become a Climate Fresk facilitator​

At the end of this training, you will be a Climate Fresk facilitator. Demand for climate education is growing. Whether it’s for your neighbours or in a professional environment, there are many opportunities to get involved. We’re waiting for you!

Not available now? Contact us at to express your interest to participate in a workshop or facilitation training session for you or your team upon returning to your country or online!

Where to meet us in the Blue and Green Zones?

Meet us in the Blue Zone! 

We are at the Francophonie Pavilion everyday (P81 Area C Zone D, near exit). We can discuss or you can participate in a Climate Fresk taster! We would love to hear about your projects too. 

And in the Green Zone! 

A group of Freskers will be in the Green Zone everyday to meet with you, facilitate Climate Fresk tasters and offer full workshops and facilitation trainings. We would love to hear about your projects too! 

Express your interest to participate in a workshop and eventually a facilitation training by filling out this form for you or your team, for during or after COP27.

Worldwide since 2018.

Climate Fresk has had more than 525,000 participants around the world in over 50 countries thanks to 25,000 facilitators. 

Climate Fresk workshop has been translated into more than 45 languages.

In Egypt this November.

COP27 is a strategic moment to scale up climate education in an international environment. The Climate Fresk team will be present at COP27 to introduce Climate Fresk workshop to all organisations seeking to provide quality climate education to their communities and staff, in a fun and collaborative way.

The Climate Fresk – Understand climate change in 3 hours.

Climate Fresk is a very powerful tool for providing a quality climate education that is accessible to anyone and can be scaled quickly within an organisation or community.

It’s scientific. The facts in Climate Fresk come from the most respected scientific sources: the IPCC reports.

These are the same reports that inform political and economical decision-making at the highest level across the world. Climate Fresk is neutral and objective and only deals with established scientific facts.

It’s accessible. By activating the group’s collective intelligence, Climate Fresk enables participants to take ownership of the subject matter. Our methodology doesn’t use a hierarchical learning structure, allowing everyone to take part and find their place in the exercise.

As participants link the cause and effects of climate change, they are able to take a step back and understand the systemic nature of the challenges for the first time.

It’s effective. Through a shared understanding of the mechanisms at work, Climate Fresk enables both individuals and organisations to have an open and positive conversation about climate solutions.

Participants leave the workshop having formed a strong bond with each other, and well equipped to implement the climate actions that they’ve identified.

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Climate Collage is now Climate Fresk!

We are still the same! We just changed our name ;)