The climate is changing, and so are businesses.

What if you took 3 hours to understand the world of tomorrow?


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The Climate Fresk is a 3-hour collective intelligence workshop for groups of 5 to 20 participants, led by an expert facilitator.

It is a rigorous and unbiased educational tool that raises climate awareness without laying blame. Employees leave the workshop feeling motivated and empowered to create solutions within the company.

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Why use 
the Climate Fresk in your company?

Initiate the movement

Climate change is a sensitive topic to discuss in the workplace. Our professional workshops make it possible to integrate these complex issues into your business context.

By making the IPCC’s scientific diagnosis accessible, the Climate Fresk enables a shared understanding of climate issues among your employees, a prerequisite for the launch of constructive and company-wide  initiatives.

Working together for a greater good

Licence fees from professional workshops are directly used to fund workshops for academia and the general public.

By choosing the Climate Fresk, you support a community initiative, which has already reached over 200,000 citizens and brings together 9,000 volunteers in 40 countries.

Our facilitators

Our facilitators are trained and approved by the association.

They are selected based on their industry expertise and corporate experience.

They are experts in change management and collective intelligence methods, thus empowering organisations to take ownership of climate issues.


Our business services

Our workshops allow companies to gain a deeper understanding of climate science and begin to develop relevant solutions to address climate change issues. This process is  supported by certified facilitators, as well as experts in organisational transformation and collective intelligence methods.

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