The Climate Collage Workshop in Zürich (EN)

2 June 2021 @ 18 h 00 min – 21 h 00 min
Klimaraum Zürich
235 Hardstrasse 8005 Zürich

« The Climate Collage » is a workshop that aims to raise awareness and understanding among people about climate change.

>> Based on the IPCC report, it explains the climate functioning and the consequences of its disruption. It gives the opportunity to learn a lot in a very short period of time and addresses both novices and experts.

>> The workshop is based on a 42-card game. Each card represents an element, a cause or a consequence of climate change.

>> As a team, guided by your facilitator, you are to find the cause-effect relationship between the different components of climate change. Collective intelligence will get you from one deck of card to the next!

>> This step-by-step reconstruction provides keys to understand the complexity and develop an overview of climate change.


– 90 ‘step-by-step building up the Climate Collage in a team (5-7 participants)

– 30 ‘creative phase: Summarize what you have learned & “acquire” the knowledge

– 60 ‘Debrief: Exchange thoughts, ideas, motivations, actions to launch !


-> For the face to face workshops, the protective measures mask + gel + spacing are implemented.

Looking forward to see you !

Do you have any questions? Please contact the workshop facilitator Ludovic: