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Before printing or ordering cards, contact your country coordinators. They might have a stock of cards to give you 

The cards are translated by our amazing international volunteers. If you see a problem in them, you can tell us at

Climate Fresk cards are updated regularly, to keep up with the latest IPCC reports. For instance, in 2021 they were changed from the 7.3 version to the 8.1, based on the newly published IPCC report. The changes included some newer figures (eg. the Energy Budget card), new charts from the latest report (on cards 5, 11, 14, 14 and 20) and new photos. The most substantial change is the disappearance of the Methane Hydrates card, replaced by the Thermohaline Circulation card, as the probability of it is higher. The latest available version of the card is the 8.4. It includes new visuals for the 26, 36, 37, 38 and 39 cards and a new title for the 42 card. The different languages are being updated, but not all are available yet.

Mural templates are also being updated. If you need one that isn’t online yet, feel free to ask us at

Printing tips for professional printing (at the printer)

When printing the cards via a professional printer, make sure you send them the PDF file named “Professional printing” that shows one card per page, along with the relevant printing specs (see below).

When printing the cards at home / on a personal printer, make sure you use the PDF file named “Home printing”  that shows 4 cards per page (for the normal version) or 9 cards per page (for the mini version).

Regarding the dimensions:

  • For a normal size print: 100mm x 150mm – colour
  • For a mini size print: 70mm x 105 mm – colour
Regarding the grammage: 
The association uses a grammage fluctuating between 140 and 200 g/m2.
Regarding the colours :
  • In order to respect the association’s graphic charter and the colours of the cards, we advise you to send the graphic charter with the RGB codes to your printer (available on the Resources Drive here on slide 9). If you can, we recommend that you bring a set of cards to the printer so that he can get an idea of the colour on the cards.
  • NOTE: when ordering a large quantity of cards, you will need to ask the printer to seperate the different games. An efficient, eco-responsible and cost-effective way to do so is to wrap each game with a kraft paper ring. If this is not an option for your printer, you may chose another packaging method.
  • For your information, the colours do not stand out in the same way depending on whether the paper used is matt or satin. The association tends to favour matt paper.

Printing cards and Mural templates

Order cards

Thanks to the fabulous volunteers who helped us translate the game! If you’d like to help us translate the game into new languages, please get in touch with us.

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