Increase my counter

We are aiming for 1 million players, and the counter is the key indicator of our our progress.

Accessible on your profile, it also allows you to know the number of sessions that you have facilitated and the number of people that you have sensitized or trained.

Frequently asked questions

Case 1: someone filled in the counter for you

In the past, it was common that a third person filled in the counter in the name of all the facilitators who where there (Climate Education Kick-off, some professional events, public sessions organized by the association…). In these cases, we don’t know who has facilitated. Therefore, the sessions that you did not personally fill in do not appear in your counter.

Case 2: you filled the counter with several emails

The sessions imported in your counter are the ones you filled in with the email of your account. The sessions you filled in with a different email than the one of your account do not appear in your counter.

How to catch it up (possible until 31/12/2022)

We can make up for the sessions that are missing from your individual counter. To do this, you just need to fill in the catch-up form. You have to fill in the form once for each missing session. It allows you to increase your individual counter without double counting in the general counter. This catch-up form will be available until the end of November only.

If you facilitated a session organized off-platform (private workshop, education, pros, junior, etc.), you must fill in their counter to increase your personal counter. The rule is simple : off-platform, you facilitate > you count!

For sessions organized on the platform (general public workshops and facilitation training), counting is automatic when recording attendances and you don’t need to fill your counter.

The rule is the same. For sessions organized off-platform (private workshop, education, pros, junior, etc.), each facilitator must fill in their counter to increase their personal counter.

Climate Collage is now Climate Fresk!

We are still the same! We just changed our name ;)