Create a past session

If you’ve run a workshop or training session that wasn’t organized on the platform, it’s essential to report it afterwards to feed your individual counter, that of other Freskers and the general counter.

In the case of a training session, this will activate the account of new white belts.

User guide – Create a past session

1. General parameters

Fill in your session’s basic information (title, category, audience, language, location…)

2. Facilitators

Enter the role you had during the session.

If there were other Freskers, indicate the number they were per role (they won’t be able to register if you haven’t opened these places).

3. Publication

If there were other Freskers, share the link with them so they can sign up.

4. Counting

Count participants present by clicking on “New”. Counters are automatically incremented.

If you have co-facilitated, you or your co-facilitator will need to pair up from the Host list so that your counts are pooled.

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We are still the same! We just changed our name ;)