Bug in the registration confirmation email to facilitators: the “Manage my registration” link is incorrect. Go to the session page from “My sessions” tab to manage your registration. We’re fixing the bug, thank you for your understanding.

Facilitate a training session

Facilitation training train new facilitators. Demand is very high and slots are filling up fast. We expect each green belt to facilitate 20 facilitation training sessions to become a blue belt and drive an exponentially growing network of peaople who can pass on this quality climate education!💪

You have to have at least the green belt to facilitate training sessions. 

All facilitation training sessions are organized on the platform.

Frequently asked questions

Two options:

  1. Check the facilitation opportunities and register to facilitate or co-facilitate
  2. Create a facilitation training session (“Create a session”) !

In order to guarantee a certain pedagogical level, it is now compulsory to participate in a training session led by a green belt to become a Climate Fresk facilitator.

Participants in a training session automatically become facilitators when they are registered as present, and an email is automatically sent to them to activate their account.

It is no longer possible to create an facilitator account autonomously. When they are registered as present during a training session, participants automatically receive a link by email to activate their account.

If you’ve trained people on sessions organized off-platform, you can recreate a “Facilitation Training” session to register their attendance so they can activate their account.

All training sessions are organized on the platform, through the “Create a session” feature

I your training session is not dedicated to the general public (company, education, NGO, friends…), choose “Private” when you create your session.

If it is “Private“, your training session won’t appear on the association website or in other facilitators’ facilitation opportunities.

You’ll be able to share the link of your session with the expected public and facilitators.

Green belt tools

Climate Collage is now Climate Fresk!

We are still the same! We just changed our name ;)