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Facilitate a Climate Fresk workshop

Climate Fresk is about spreading awareness about climate change around the world. Within our personal, professional and community spaces, we can all encourage and inspire positive change. Happy Fresking!

1. Before the Workshop

Here is everything you need to bring Climate Fresk and climate education to your community:

1. Get ready

Resources to get to know the workshop and how to run it in person or online

2. Prepare your workshop:

All the practical information you need to organise and run your workshop

3. Communicate

All the ressource you need to promote your workshop to the whole world.

2. Facilitating

There are many ways you can organise, facilitate or just watch a workshop. The aim is always the same: to organise workshops in as many places as possible, for all audiences!

If you have questions about the workshop, you can join the Freskers community on Telegram !

Volunteer & facilitate for the Association

Public workshops are organised on a daily basis by the association. These are paid-for workshops and are an essential source of income for the association

These workshops are an opportunity for you to observe more experienced facilitators, co-facilitate and further your facilitation skills.

Check the facilitation opportunities from your profile. Filter them, and register to observe, co-facilitate or facilitate!

If you facilitate or cofacilitate, do not forget to register the attendances during the workshop by clicking on “My participants”!

Volunteer & facilitate independently

Whether with your family, friends, neighbours, colleagues or even strangers, you are holding all the cards to run a workshop!

All you need to to do is gather your players around a table (or their computer screens), run the workshop, send them a debriefing email and fill in our player counter.

Please note: If you volunteer to facilitate a paid workshop within your company, there’s royalty fees, that you can learn about here.

Facilitate professionally

Many freelancers facilitate workshops as a source of income. We are grateful that so many people can earn a living by advancing the climate cause!

For facilitators working as a service provider for corporations, royalty fees apply.

Are you interested? Check the Pros landing page and join the Professional facilitators’ discussion for more information!

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask the relevant discussion groups.

3. After the workshop

These two steps are essential to help Climate Fresk grow.
Our aim for each Fresk is to convince at least one player to sign up for a training session and become a Climate Fresk facilitator 😉

And then, let’s keep going! 🌍❤

Climate Collage is now Climate Fresk!

We are still the same! We just changed our name ;)