Usage rights

To use Climate Fresk commercially, or for internal use within a business or organisation, certain usage rights apply that fund the NGOs activities.

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You invoiced for a service

You invoiced for a service that included a Climate Fresk workshop or training

You must pay user fees of 10% of the revenue generated by use of the tool (excluding tax), plus 20% VAT (for French companies)

An employee at your organisation facilitated an internal workshop

If your organisation hosted Climate Fresk workshops or trainings, then you are required to pay royalty fees for use of the game. Please group these payments to prevent invoices of less than €150.

User licence

Cédric Ringenbach is the creator of Climate Fresk, which is defined as an educational tool with a certain number of formalised elements. He owns the copyright of the work, in particular the content of the cards. He maintains the operating rights and, as a result, can authorise or refuse the use of Climate Fresk. The right to collect royalties for commercial use of Climate Fresk, or the internal use within a company, has been transferred to the NGO of the same name (see below). A workshops lasts 3 hours.

Using Climate Fresk in a non-commercial context

The idea and content of the workshop are protected by the Creative Commons licence BY-NC-ND, i.e. credit must be given to the creator, only non-commercial uses are permitted, and no derivatives or adaptations are permitted.

This means that you are allowed to use the game for events that are free of charge and organised by unpaid facilitators. The use is also free within an educational setting, whether that’s in a primary or secondary school or in a higher education institute. So, teachers can use Climate Fresk in their professional context, during their working hours. Using Climate Fresk in this free context does not allow you to modify the content of the cards.

Any internal use of the game within a company is considered to be a commercial use (see conditions below)

Using Climate Fresk in a commercial context

If you use Climate Fresk in a commercial context, ie where there is a payment for the faciliatation of the workshop, you must pay 10% of the amount billed as royalties. We include within this commercial context, the ongoing training in a company.

These fees are collected by the Climate Fresk NGO to fund its development and all non-profit activities.

Using Climate Fresk internally within an organisation

If you use Climate Fresk internally within an organisation, ie without an external facilitator, the fee is €3 per participant.

When we refer to an organisation within the context of an internal workshop, that includes businesses, public bodies, NGOs and any other type of organisation.

When using the Climate Fresk material, it is strictly forbidden to remove the mention of the website and/or its author, or to add the logo of a company or organisation.

We trust you

We cannot control how the game is used by everyone all over the world. We trust all users to act responsibly and 1) contribute to educating as many people as possible with the game and 2) respect the copyright and pay the royalty fees owed to fund the project and the organisation managing it.

The “Climate Fresk” is a registered trademark that designates training services. It is therefor forbidden to imitate it for any sort of training services or to use it in any contexts other than the ones authorised.

Climate Collage is now Climate Fresk!

We are still the same! We just changed our name ;)