Royalty fees (10%)

  • You have invoiced a service that included a Climate Fresk workshop or facilitator training session.
  • You must pay the user fees of 10% on the exc tax revenue generated by the use of the tool, plus 20% VAT (for French companies). Please group your services (hence the dates to give the period concerned) by quarter to avoid invoices below € 150 (i.e. approaching € 1300 of turnover).
  • To do this, please fill out the form below with YOUR information. Please take care, we have recently made some small changes.
  • Once you have submitted the form, an invoice will be sent to you by email so that you can proceed with the payment by bank transfer. We are currently working on setting up a credit card payment but it is not yet in place.

Other cases

  • You gave a Climate Fresk within a company without the intervention of a paid facilitator? Please pay the fees (€ 3 per player) via the Companies page.
  • You gave a free workshop and the players wish to make a donation. Go to the HelloAsso page to donate.


  • I offered to facilitate a Climate Fresk. I invoiced my client € 750 HT for the 3 hours spent for this service. I pay 0.1 * 750 = € 75 exc tax to the Association.
  • I provided a full day’s work to my client, with a Climate Fresk in the morning and strategic advice in the afternoon. I billed my client € 1,500 before tax for the day. I pay user fees only for the time I spent on the Climate Fresk, which is 0.1 x (1,500 / 2) = € 75 (plus 20% VAT in France).

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