Grenoble is the 2022 European Green Capital!

Grenoble is in the spotlight: it was awarded the “European Green Capital 2022” prize which rewards and promotes a particular city that has distinguished itself by its proactivity and concrete actions in favour of the environment and the quality of life of its inhabitants.

Grenoble is the first European Green Capital city to focus on the climate’s issue and invites all the local actors to take up challenges. The first one is to participate in or to organize a workshop to raise awareness of climate issues. A great opportunity to highlight Climate Fresk and make as many workshops as possible!

An outstanding success

In 3 days, 54 facilitators got involved, with 51 workshops carried out to raise awareness among 470 participants, both young people and adults. They facilitated workshops in French, English, Arabic and in various venues set up by the facilitators: places of worship, food coops, tourism office, Third Places, inter-age university, etc. Numerous audiences were reached, including elected officials.  Furthermore, the association benefited from a strong visibility among companies. Icing on the cake: Thierry Lebel, a member of the IPCC, was fresked!

Two actions of ClimateFresk were not only accepted but also subsidised!

  • “Climate Fresk is coming to you” at the end of January: intensive fresking all over Isère
  • “LOOK UP! The planet at stake” from June 10th to 12th: a big fresking event with our Friend Fresks in the iconic place of Grenoble Green Capital: the fortress of the Bastille.

A well managed project!

The team took off like a rocket in October, starting with a team building day. A group of 6 facilitators organised and coordinated the whole operation. The grant application had to be sent in less than 3 weeks, followed by weekly meetings and actions to meet the deadline!

What was the aim? To attract as many participants as possible. How? Through press articles, radio interviews, by hanging up flyers and posters in strategic places, but above all by holding Fresk quizzes and “set 1″’s on the streets during high traffic moments: weekends and Grenoble Green Capital events.

Everything was planned, even after the event. Many training sessions were organised for the brand new Freskers.

Some Freskers have taken a big step forward on their Fresker’s Journey.

White belts took the opportunity to plunge into facilitation, some orange belts became green belts and a green became blue… We owed it to the occasional presence of a blue belt : Bruno Samuel, blue belt.

This was a wonderful example of a local initiative, supported by the permanent team of the association. And it’s not over yet!

It starts again in June!

See you from June 10th to 12th for the Friend Fresks (the anthropocene quiz, 2tonnes…)! The workshops will be free and will take place at the Fortress of the Bastille. Registration is required.

Congratulations to all the Isère team and in particular to Capucine Join-Lambert, Juliette Lesueur, Anaïs Pasteur, Maxime Roul, Audrey Lemercier and François Jousserandot.

Climate Collage is now Climate Fresk!

We are still the same! We just changed our name ;)