News from the Fresker’s journey

The Fresker’s journey is one of the pillars of Climate Fresk: it allows you to progress as a facilitator, join the community of Freskers, and gain access to new opportunities.

White, yellow, orange, green and blue: each belt represents an essential learning stage in your journey and helps you progress in the community.

Basic run-down of the journey

In September, we updated the online facilitator space. We wanted to make the journey relevant to Freskers everywhere and we wanted it to be as automated as possible, so that your counter would increase when you registered a workshop or training. Like this, you progress towards your yellow belt, then to orange

To pass to green and blue belts, you have to go through a process of peer validation, getting feedback from more experienced Freskers and support to lead your first facilitator training. The peer validation process is automated to update on the system as soon as you are approved.

You can find the criteria for each belt at the bottom of this page, as well as resources to help you along in the community. We are working on integrating these into the platform, so everything is coherent and easy to access. 

Upcoming developments

We’re steadily making the journey in your online profile into a library of all the important information and resources you need. The staff team has been working with blue belts to improve the experience. This does take time, so please bear with us!    

We are improving the wording of each belt’s criteria to make it clearer what you need to do. We are also automating more processes to make it a smoother experience. 

We will keep you updated on our progress, and we can’t wait for you to see the new improvements!

Climate Collage is now Climate Fresk!

We are still the same! We just changed our name ;)