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Our vision for COP26

Our vision for COP26 is to put accessible and qualitative Climate Education at the heart of international and national climate strategies, spread our workshop among the global climate community, and to raise awareness in Glasgow.

Climate Fresk is an accredited Observer to the UNFCCC. You will find us in the Blue Zone, the Green Zone and all over Glasgow, in the streets and in many venues.

We are offering Climate Fresk workshops everyday at the City of Glasgow College. Come play with us and join our community!

And more concretely:

For locals and internationals, for the youth and adults, in schools and business offices, on campus and at conferences, in the cosy coffee shops and in busy co-working spaces, and last but not least, at COY16 and in the Blue Zone of COP26.

Register for a Climate Fresk workshop

Come and meet us at our headquarters!

City of Glasgow College has partnered with Climate Fresk.
2 sessions available EVERYDAY throughout COP26.

Register for a workshop...

City of Glasgow College has partnered with Climate Fresk.
2 sessions available EVERYDAY throughout COP26.

Register for a workshop in Glasgow…

… or everywhere in the world!


2 sessions available EVERY DAY throughout COP26


AT LEAST 1 session EVERY DAY throughout COP26



Become a Facilitator

Would you like to use this tool and raise awareness around you?
Become a Climate Fresk Facilitator and join the international Climate Freskers Community!

Just one thing...

If you want to become a facilitator, you need to attend a Climate Fresk workshop first. You can register to do this using the links above.


AT LEAST 1 session EVERY DAY throughout COP26


In a nutshell: the Climate Fresk workshop

The Climate Fresk – 42 cards to understand climate change. Test, deepen or share your climate knowledge! 

The Climate Fresk workshop breaks down the scientific information collected by the IPCC and summarises it on 42 cards. In teams of 5 to 7, participants discover these cards and establish their interconnectivity to put them into an order of cause and effect. This bottom-up approach of learning fosters collective intelligence and team spirit. Our pedagogical tool boosts self reflection, behaviour change and solution-oriented thinking.

Feeling inspired and empowered, many participants become facilitators themselves and that’s how a worldwide community emerged.

Let's build a Climate Education Ecosystem

This can only be done with a strong network and by connecting with fellow activists, citizens, NGOs, educational institutions, local movements, international organisations, companies and policy makers.

You would like to team up, participate in a workshop or book a Climate Fresk for your event or space?

Local and international NGOs

Test, deepen and share your climate knowledge! Apart from a great team-building experience, participating in our workshop allows you to discover a powerful tool!

Universities & Schools

We invite you to empower your students on their way to understand and face climate change. Our turn-key programme the Climate Education Kick-off makes it possible! The event can be organised on your campus.

Citizens & Activists

Our tool can provide citizens with the scientific knowledge they need to understand the climate emergency, form an opinion based on facts and collectively create a more sustainable future.

Companies & small enterprises

Companies are invited to become visionary leaders to inspire and empower their employees, peers and suppliers. Book professional facilitators for your team!

Collaboration is at the heart of the transformation to come, at the heart of our workshop and at the heart of our ambitions for COP26.

Let's re-write our future together: lets join forces and start today!

Meet us in the Blue Zone!

Workshops and Facilitation trainings

Everyday in the Zone D, Conwy Restaurant under the giant screen at 12pm, 2pm or 4pm.

Quick introduction

Meet us everyday from 10am to 6pm near the Francophonie Pavilion (PV61) for a visual introduction to Climate Fresk

Side events - Climate Fresk and climate education global movement

Attend one of our side-event to learn more about Climate Fresk global movement:

  • Wed 10/11 – 12:30 to 1:45pm – Sustainable Development Goals Pavilion (PV 6): Climate Fresk, scaling up awareness raising on SDG 13


Send us an email at to meet with our Founder and International Director to discuss potential partnerships.

Climate Collage is now Climate Fresk!

We are still the same! We just changed our name ;)