Licence agreement

The author of the Climate Fresk and copyright owner is Cédric Ringenbach. Yet, the right to collect royalties in case of a commercial use was transferred to the non-profit organisation the Climate Fresk (see below). The Climate Fresk is protected by Intellectual Property.

Using the Climate Fresk in a non-profit context

The idea and content of the workshop are protected by the Creative Commons licence BY-NC-ND, i.e. attribution, no commercial use, no modification allowed. This means you are allowed to use the game for events that are free of charge, public and organised with voluntary facilitators. You may also use the game as a teacher, even if happens on your paid time. Any internal use of the game within a company is considered to be a commercial use (see conditions below). You may not modify the content of the game – unless you are authorised to do so by the author Cédric Ringenbach, or for internal use only, with no external circulation and with a clear mention of the website and the author.

Using the Climate Fresk for commercial purposes

You may use the Climate Fresk for commercial purposes. In this case, you must pay 10% of the amount billed as royalties. These fees will be collected by the organisation The Climate Fresk to fund its development and all non-profit activities. You can pay the royalty fees online.

Using the Climate Fresk internally within a company

If you want to use the Climate Fresk internally within your company, the royalty fees are 3 euros per participant, regardless of the amount you may have paid to print or order the cards. You can pay the royalty fees online. When using the Climate Fresk material, it is strictly forbidden to remove the mention of the website and/or its author, or to add the logo of a company or organisation.

We trust you…

We cannot control how the game is used by everyone across the world. We trust all users to act responsibly and 1) contribute to educating as many people as possible with the game and 2) respect the copyright and pay the royalty fees owed to fund the project and the organisation managing it.

Climate Collage is now Climate Fresk!

We are still the same! We just changed our name ;)