User licence

This page explains the terms of the user licence. To pay you licence fees, please go to the dedicated page.

Climate Fresk is a three-hour educational tool (or workshop), based on a deck of 42 cards for the adult version and 21 cards for the children’s version, which enables participants to understand the causes and consequences of climate change. Most of the information on the cards is taken from the IPCC reports. The workshop is based on a number of formalised elements such as the cards, their content, the correction (set of links between the cards) and the workshop proceedings.

The author of Climate Fresk, as described above, is CΓ©dric Ringenbach, owner of the copyright on the work and, especially, on the content of the cards, as well as the French trademark (“La Fresque du Climat”), the English trademark (“Climate Fresk”) and the translations of the trademark into other languages.

In this capacity, he holds the exploitation rights and can therefore authorise or prohibit the use of Climate Fresk. The association of the same name benefits from a transfer of rights of use which allows it, in particular, to collect the royalties in case of commercial use or in the internal sphere of the company (see below). It also benefits from a licence to use the French trademark.

According to a licence agreement dated 10 July 2019, the author has assigned to Climate Fresk the exclusive rights to exploit the French trademark “La Fresque du Climat” and the game “La fresque du climat”. As a result, the association may define the conditions of use of La Fresque du Climat and collect the royalties for use in the case of commercial use or internal use in an organisation (see below).

Table of content:

Use in a non-commercial and non-professional context

The Climate Fresk tool is licensed under a Creative Commons licence BY-NC-ND (Attribution, No Commercial Use, No Derivative Works), i.e. credit must be given to the creator, only non-commercial uses are permitted, and no derivatives or adaptations are permitted.

It is therefore possible to use this tool freely for any free event, facilitated by a volunteer facilitator. It is also free to use for teaching in a private or public primary, secondary or higher education establishment, with the exception of adult education. Teachers are thus authorised to use Climate Fresk as part of their professional activity, during their paid working hours.Β 

The right to use the Fresk free of charge within the framework of an educational institution is to be distinguished from the facilitating or training services that may be offered by service providers or the association itself.

Such free use does not allow the content of the cards to be modified.

The use of the Fresk in the internal sphere of an organisation or a company does not constitute a non-commercial use in the sense of the present paragraph, even if it does not give rise to a direct financial counterpart (see “use in a professional context”).

Use in a commercial context

In the case of commercial use, i.e. use in return for direct financial retribution, a licence fee is set at 10% of the amount of this remuneration, excluding tax. This applies both to workshop facilitation and facilitators’ training and to any other service that is closely related to the use of the Fresk.

In-company training falls within the scope of commercial use.

Due by the service provider thus paid, the royalty is collected by the NGO ‘La Fresque du Climat’, which allows it to finance the deployment via the associative networks and the non commercial use.

Internal use in an organisation

In the framework of an internal use within an organisation, without the intervention of an external facilitator paid for this purpose, the licence fee is fixed at €3 excluding tax (€3,60 tax included) per participant.

These user fees are to be distinguished from the amounts that service providers may charge to organisations for services such as facilitating or training.

This framework includes companies, public organisations, associations, trade unions, NGOs, and any other type of grouping, whether profit-making or not, for use by their staff. The use of Climate Fresk in a primary, secondary or higher education establishment for staff is not included in this context.

It is expressly forbidden to reproduce the materials of Climate Fresk by removing references to the website or the author, or by adding a logo or the identification of an association or a company.

Deadlines for declaring licence fees

Royalties (10% of externally invoiced services) and licence fees (€3 per participant, for internal use in an organisation) must be declared each quarter. All commercial workshops and training courses carried out during a quarter must be declared by the 15th of the month after that quarter.

  • 15th April: Deadline for declaring services in January, February and March
  • 15th July: Deadline for April, May and June
  • 15th October: Deadline for July, August and September
  • 15th January: Deadline for October, November and December

Sponsorship and communication

The association does not receive any subsidy, sponsorship or patronage. No organisation may, without the association’s approval, communicate the fact that it is sponsoring Climate Fresk workshops or training courses for another entity or for the general public, or that it has a partnership with Climate Fresk.

Any such communication must be validated by the association’s communication manager, who will respond in consultation with the author.

Non-modifiable character

The non-modifiable character of the tool concerns its use in the three frameworks mentioned above (free use, use in a commercial context, use in a professional context within an organisation).

It is strictly forbidden to modify the Climate Fresk cards without the author’s agreement.

The following are considered as substantial modifications to the work:

  • The modification of any of the 42 cards (21 cards for the children’s version) or the Fresque Quiz
  • Removing more cards than what is allowed in the simplified version
  • Adding cards to the Fresk at any time during the workshop (creation of the Fresk, creative phase, feedback or debrief)
  • Delivering top-down information during the debrief phase for more than 5 minutes unless it is scientific information that clarifies the causes and consequences of climate change or the orders of magnitude;
  • Conducting a workshop in less than 3 hours

Violating these principles may expose you to prosecution by the author and the association.

Modification of the cards

Climate Fresk has existed since 2015 and has been subject to multiple evolutions and adjustments. It has been updated with each new IPCC report. The pace of updates is slowing down over time, a sign that the content is stabilising.

Adaptations of the tool to a particular context or audience may be necessary, but always require the author’s approval.

In the case of adapting or adding cards to the context of a company, CΓ©dric Ringenbach reserves the right to charge for the time spent studying any request, the issue being more to dissuade these practices than to have a lucrative business model (he considers that adapting the cards to the context of a company does not provide sufficient added value for the project).

Monitoring of the application of the licence

The association reserves the right to verify that the licence is being applied correctly and that the licence fees are properly paid. This includes the possibility of a auditor attending an event in an organisation on behalf of the association.

Publicity of the amounts paid for the rights of use

Any company that uses Climate Fresk for commercial or professional purposes accepts that the data on licence fees, which it is required to declare, will be made public. This is valid for service providers who pay a 10% fee on their invoices and for companies who pay €3 excluding tax.

Information on these amounts will be made available to certain members of the association such as Climate Fresk employees, country or local coordinators, trainers and instructors.

The information on the fees for internal use will be used to display on the association’s website the companies that deploy the Fresk.

Registered trademark

The name “La Fresque du Climat” is a registered trademark, to designate in particular the training services. It is therefore forbidden to imitate it, or to be inspired by it, for any training activity, as well as to use it outside the cases in which the use of the educational tool is authorised.

In French, the word “fresque” is a common name, thus using it to designate a workshop based on the same pedagogical principles as the Climate Fresk is not prohibited.

This is not the case for the term “Fresk” (see below)

International trademark

The term “Climate Fresk” is registered worldwide. Using the word “fresk” in combination with another term to make an alternative workshop name (such as Digital, Biodiversity etc.) will be considered an infringement and will be prosecuted.


This licence is subject to potential changes. Climate Fresk facilitators should keep themselves informed of these changes.

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