If you are an organisation and have questions about sessions organised in a professional context, please go to Request a dedicated workshop

Country and local Coordinators

Country Coordinators volunteer their time to support and grow the community of Climate Fresk facilitators in their country. Click on the pin to contact them about volunteering activities, community events or any opportunities where you think you can offer your support locally.

Don’t forget to be patient if they don’t get back to you straight away! Our Country Coordinators are giving up their free time to help and will do their best to get back to you as soon as possible. They’re incredible, but there’s only 24 hours in their day 😉

If you don’t see a pin on your country, it means that currently you don’t have a Country Coordinator. Go to your facilitator’s space, then to the “Community” tab and check the “Local group” list: there may be a community of Freskers out there just waiting to connect with you.

Need help ?

A question regarding the workshop, its license, the cards, our statutes…? Would you like to contact us? It’s over here  ⭢

If you are already a facilitator, it’s over there  ⭢

Climate Collage is now Climate Fresk!

We are still the same! We just changed our name ;)