General Assembly : assessments and perspectives

Dear Freskers,

Climate Fresk’s General Assembly took place on Saturday 5 February. Here is a summary of the Assembly, just for you !

Let’s start with the impressive numbers. Climate Fresk has officially reached over 300,000 participants, 13,000 people have trained to become facilitators, in more than 50 countries and 35 languages!! A huge thank you to each and everyone of you for contributing to this success!

During the GA we looked back on 2021, and made grand plans for 2022: namely the goal of reaching 1 million people before 2023! The new members of the Board were also approved by a vote.

Below is a summary of the Assembly, you can also find a detailed presentation in French here, and a recording of it here.

First of all, the main facts and figures of 2021:

  • The permanent team

→ grew and organised itself into departments: went from 15 to 20 people, and 5 long-term position were created

→ is now in tackling major programmes: CEKO, corporate relations, relations with professional Freskers

Find all the info about the team in the latest Newsletter here

  • Implementation of processes and tools to keep up with the rapid growth

→ Fresker’s Journey

→ Process for inbound requests (CEKO and private companies)


→ Online shop

→ Monitoring indicators for the NGO’s various activities

  • CEKO: more than 128,000 students reached in 281 schools and universities. More than 480 Freskers got involved. 
  • General public: 150 online workshops and 295 online training sessions organised by the NGO
  • Private entities: 66,785 employees participated
  • Climate Mandate: 366 elected officials, 25 parliamentarians and 40 parliamentary assistants participated

→ NGO members will approve the Financial Statement at the next General Assembly which will take place in June. We will keep you informed!

  • 2 major highlights:

→ the Climate fresk Festival, at La Cité Fertile: 50 speakers, 150 Freskers and 2,700 participants

COP26: 167 Freskers in Glasgow, 775 participants, 161 new facilitators (from twelve new countries). Climate Fresk reached people from 144 new countries

What’s to come in 2022:

The priorities:

  • Upgrading the quality of the training sessions
  • Intensify the proportion of workshops happening face-to-face
  • Better measure our activities and our impact
  • Intensify external communication
  • Actively develop the activities internationally

The major initiatives resulting from all this:

  • The creation of a Platform for the organisation of workshops/trainings and deployment within organisations
  • Legal structuring of activities and increase in “quality”.

→ Standardisation of the different Climate Fresk deployment models

→ Enhancement of the Fresker’s Journey

→ Consolidation of a deployment/quality label offer for organisations

moving towards the requirements to become a publicly certified training organisation

  • The permanent team is recruiting new roles to better support the community:

Partnership officer

→ Web Developer

→ Pedagogy: learning material, fresker’s Journey, etc.

→ Engagement: in person workshops, relation to local coordinator, etc.

→ International Development: Project Manager

Find all posts here, and please share within your network

Election of the 2022 Board:

  • From 3 to 5 women on the Board (i.e. from 25% to 41%)
  • Half of the Board renewed
  • A warm Thank You to the outgoing members of the Board for their dedication and their work: Céline Belissont, Mary Emeury-Leleu, Nicolas Gourdain, Stéphane Kersulec, Cyril Retourné and Charles Sirot

Here are the new members of the Board. You can find out more about everyone of them in their bio.

Climate Collage is now Climate Fresk!

We are still the same! We just changed our name ;)