Are you experiencing a bug with your counter or your belt level?

As you know, the platform was launched a few months ago in order to help accelerate the NGO’s growth! However, some Freskers have been experiencing difficulties recovering their belt level and/or counter information in their facilitator's space.

To overcome these bugs and close out this transition period, the Product Team is currently making manual updates and modifications once a week, until 31/12/2022. If your facilitator space is not up to date yet, contact the Product Team through the following forms, according to your needs. 

1. My counter is not correct

Kindly fill out this counter catch-up form

2. My belt level is not correct

To get back your green or blue belt, kindly fill out this belt catch-up form

For the yellow or orange belt, please fill out the counter catch-up form. The belt level is automatically updated when the counter reaches the number of workshops needed to get to the next belt.

3. I was trained as facilitator but I never logged into the facilitator’s space before the switch to the new platform

In this case, it’s absolutely normal to not have access to the platform yet. Indeed, the Product Team has only imported those who were already registered and logged into their Fresker’s journey. To get the white belt level and have access to your facilitator’s space, kindly fill out the belt catch-up form.

If you encounter any issues, please read the Support page on the platform as well as the blog to stay tuned on the latest progress.

Climate Collage is now Climate Fresk!

We are still the same! We just changed our name ;)