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On this page, you can follow the progress of the platform and where it’s heading. Our direction: the scale-up of Climate Fresk, worldwide and to all audiences. Our inspiration: you, your needs and suggestions, to make it easier to take action, move forwards and engage with Climate Fresk.

Identified issues

The problems and needs we encounter and our thoughts around it.

The counter is incomplete

The counter is incomplete Since September 24, facilitators have access to their individual counter history. All the sessions you entered in the old counter before September 24 have been imported.

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The belt level is not correct

The belt level is not correct During the mid-September update, we migrated our databases to a more reliable and secure environment. More than 25,000 facilitators were transferred! During the transfer,

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Work in progress

Clarify the session creation process and allow all types of sessions to be organised on the platform

These are the first pain points that came up! Who should create the session? Why can’t I organise a private workshop on the platform? How to show who is co-facilitating and avoid double counting? How to create a past session (…). We’re putting a lot of effort into clarifying this situation!

At the end of this development, you’ll be able to:

  • Create sessions for all audiences (general public, companies, associations, education institutions…), in all facilitation contexts (volunteering, supervised by the association, commercial services…)
  • Create past sessions and easily fill-in the facilitators and participants who were there

Customise the settings of my upcoming session (number of facilitators, opportunity visibility, contact information...)

At the end of this development, the session organiser will be able to:

  • Modify the number of places available to observe and facilitate
  • Choose whether the facilitation opportunity is public or private
  • Modify the contact information

Make the language and the session title more visible

After this development, it will be easier for the the public to see what langauge a session is in and what the session title is (given by the organiser). This need has been raised in particular by the international community.

Allow facilitators to access the list of other registered facilitators

Last developments

The last developments and how they change your experience

Climate Collage is now Climate Fresk!

We are still the same! We just changed our name ;)