The association

The association La Fresque du Climat was created in 2018 by Cédric Ringenbach, with the goal to spread the Climate Fresk workshop, train facilitators and upskill them.

The association has a decentralised and participative governance, inspired by the Swedish Pirate Party, whose principles are “do-docracy”, the right to make mistakes, the rule of three, duplication and transparency.

The founding principles of the association are the climate emergency, humanism, respect for science and the acceptance of money and working with the corporate world.


The Climate Fresk association was created on 17 December 2018. Its aim is to :

  • Publicise and disseminate the “Climate Fresk” tool, which aims to raise climate science awareness among a maximum number of people around the world.
  • Train participants in workshops allowing them to use this tool, thanks to facilitators present at numerous events (festivals, conferences, back-to-school events, fairs, etc.).
  • Design additional educational material and provide it to facilitators to help them achieve autonomy and make the use of the “Climate Fresk” tool easier.
  • Build, grow and manage the association’s member community

The Team

The Climate Fresk has decentralized and participative management, thousands of volunteers, a permanent salaried team and a Board of Directors working in collective intelligence to accelerate climate literacy through the use of the Climate Fresk.

Funding principles

The association was founded following these fundamental  principles:

  • The climate emergency

  • Humanism

  • Respect for science

  • No taboo on money

The climate emergency

Climate change is threatening humanity and we need to react very quickly. The Climate Fresk is an effective tool for educating and raising awareness among citizens, and for this reason its author felt the responsibility to spread it as widely and as quickly as possible. He entrusted this mission to the association he created for this purpose.

This urgency justifies the swarming organisation of the freskers community, the right to make mistakes and do-ocracy.


We are trying to save the climate so that humans can continue to live on this planet as well as possible.

Since we are fighting for humanity, to be coherent, we must take care of men and women, be attentive to others and not discriminate. Concretely, we are for example vigilant about activist burnout that threatens us all.

We are not naïve and we know that preserving a framework in which our members can find their place will sometimes require removing people who threaten our values or the founding principles of our association. We will do this with respect for individuals, but with firmness. The importance given to co-optation and validation by peers is justified by this imperative.

Respect for science

The Climate Fresk tool was created based on data from the first IPCC working group. We are very committed to the scientific method that underpins their work.

If we are to venture outside the field of climate change, it will be in accordance with recognised scientific bodies such as the WHO, UNSCEAR, the academies of science, etc. For this reason, the association is not anti-nuclear (nor is it pro-nuclear), it is not anti-vaccination, nor anti-GMO, and it sticks to solidly established scientific data on issues such as the use of pesticides.

No taboos with money or companies

Money is the sinews of war and our association needs it. We offer workshops and training courses for a fee and we collect the rights to use the Climate Fresk tool when it is used in a commercial context. Some members of the association earn part of their living by offering the workshop in companies, and we have no problem with that, quite the contrary.

All work deserves a salary. This being said, it is worth recalling here that our association is above all an association of volunteers. Our financial means ensure the remuneration of a team of permanent, salaried staff who are at the service of this army of volunteers.

We also have no problem working with companies (although the association does not organise events directly for companies, its members do) including those that can be stigmatised and presented as the “great villains” of capitalism. We address with the Fresk the citizens who are the employees of these companies with the hope of changing things from the inside, from the bottom up.

The association is neither anti-corporate nor anti-capitalist and its members are free to express their opinions.



The association The Climate Fresk has a decentralised and participative functioning, initially inspired by the Swedish Pirate Party. Here are some key principles:

  • Do-docracy: The members of the association are invited to take initiatives and are all empowered to do so. Those who do decide, and vice versa. Everyone is asked to respect other initiatives, even if it means exploring an alternative idea in parallel to bring out the best ideas.
  • The right to make mistakes: We accept that we will make mistakes, and even more so, we consider that making mistakes is a good way to progress, according to the “try and fail” principle. Quoting Nelson Mandela: “I never lose: sometimes I win, sometimes I learn”.
  • The rule of three: as soon as three members of the association agree that an initiative is good, they can take the decision to launch it, including when it commits the association. Read more about this rule and the situations where it applies.
  • Duplication: A consequence of the previous rules is that you may have to do things twice. This may seem sub-optimal, but it is a principle of an agile organisation. This is how nature works… We may lose time, but we gain as much or more by avoiding debate.
  • Transparency: to avoid frustration and unwanted power grabs. This is a fundamental principle for the healthy, fair and sustainable operation of the association, and guides the choice of the association’s tools.

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