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The Workshop

It was while giving climate lectures that Cédric Ringenbach one day had the idea of having his interns do this exercise: to put the different graphical causes and effects of the IPCC back in order. Realizing the great pedagogical virtue of the exercise, he regularly used this tool and improved it to its current form.

The ideal time is 3 hours (1 hour of reconstitution of the Fresk, 1 hour of creativity and 1 hour of debriefing) but it is possible to condense it into 2 hours if necessary. If you have less than 2 hours, a short Fresk format (on self-supporting support) has been developed.

The workshop has been designed to last 3 hours, which is the time required to understand the complexity of climate issues. Below this time, the workshop loses its pedagogical virtues and the quality of experience for its participants.

If you can’t find a workshop near you on the site, you can contact your local referent.

The number of participants per workshop is unlimited: sky is the limit. As far as logistics are concerned, plan a 2 m² table for each group of 6-8 participants and 1 facilitator for 15/30 participants (depending on experience).

The workshop has proved its worth to all publics: individuals, administrations, but also companies of all sizes and all sectors of activity.

The junior version is accessible from the age of 9, we recommend the adult Fresk (simplified or not) from the age of 15.

The expert version of the game is available as a self-study document made available to facilitators and other members of the community. It is not intended to be marketed or deployed.

In theory, you become a facilitator after having followed a training course in animation. It lasts three hours, but you play the Fresk a little fast to save time for the briefing and debriefing.

You can find the dates of the facilitation training courses on the calendar here.

The Fresk is aimed at the general public, higher and secondary education, administrations and companies. You can request the organisation of a workshop in a commercial or voluntary setting by asking us to do so. We will transfer it to our referents, volunteers or service providers to formulate a response adapted to your needs.

The information comes from the IPCC reports.

The licence that protects the Fresk does not give the right to modify it.

On the other hand, the Expert version is there to collect any proposal for adding a map from the animators. Those who have imagined complementary cards are invited to share them with the other members of the association.

Please note: the images used must be free of copyright.

Licence and rights

The royalty fees (10% of the amount of the service allocated to the Fresk workshop) are to be paid on this form.

Between 0 € and 3000 €. Does that help you? 😉 More seriously, here are some orders of magnitude: 0 to 200 € for a primary or secondary school and high school 200 to 1000 € for a local authority, an energy agency, etc. 500 to 2000 € for an SME 1000 to 3000 € for a large company.

Professional facilitators are trainers who charge for training services to companies wishing to have their employees play the Climate Fresk. To contact the Professional facilitators collective, join the Telegram loop on the facilitators’ space.

Not at all, but it is welcome to become a sympathetic member if you become a regular user, as a way of supporting the association.

You can use the association’s logo by mentioning your use of the Climate Fresk’s TOOL. It is not because you use the Fresk that it is a partnership between your structure and the association 😉 More generally, communication resources are available on the Facilitator’s space in the “Communicate” section.

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